"Gilding the Lilies" study; African Hippo, Okavango Delta 7"x 12" acrylic on board
private collection). This hippo had just tried sneaking up on us and was quite aggressive.
"Dozing Danger" 5"x 9" acrylic (Private collection) While
we never saw them do anything
" but sleep, our guide
said that they killed several locals every year and
when we were out in Mokoros (the local canoe) they
insisted that we always be off the water before
"Mud Mammoth"
Chobe River Botswana.
(Private collection)  This large
herd that was enjoying the
mud immensely.  This one
in particular was
entertained by flinging
mud at us
"Dawn Lechwe" Okavango Delta 8"x 10"
acrylic (
private collection).  An abundant antelope
adapted to an aquatic environment.  The locals
sometimes call them Okavango Goats.
"Greater Kudu" study, Chobe
This large antelope is about the
size of an Elk
"African Fish Eagle" study in ballpoint pen
(private collection)
"Spotted Shade" African Leopard,
Okavango Delta
8"x 10" acrylic (private collection)
male leopard on two occasions but this female
was bizarrely tolerant
"Young Lion" Duba Plains 11"x 14" acrylic (private
.  This young male is about 4 yrs old. The pride was
hunting into the setting sun.