Expedition Art 2
                              "Turbulent Currents" Harlequin Ducks on the Kamestastin River, Labrador
                                                                          9" x 18" Acrylic

We spent a lot of time along the Kamestastin River scouting for caribou on our October 2008 expedition. This is a known breeding location
for Harlequin Ducks. Harlequins, threatened or endangered throughout their range, are noted as one of North America's most flamboyantly
colorful ducks. However, in contemplating the beautiful light and color in the water, it struck me that these seemingly garish ducks, rather
than inviting predators' attention, actually blend in well when seen in situ; and the idea for the painting was set. It took me two years to get
sufficiently good reference of the ducks, however. On a trip to Yellowstone National Park in the spring of 2010, I found them at a breeding
site and was able to observe and photograph both males and females for three days before all the males left.